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1938 “Dad’s Club Annual Banquet”
The football team is listed on the second picture.
The name written at the top is David O Brien, who is more commonly known as “Davey”.  This was December 13, 1938 just before he lead the TCU Horned Frogs to a Sugar Bowl victory (Jan 2, 1939) and won the Heisman for 1938.
Probably he was invited to the Banquet to help recruit some of the Jackets to TCU.  You might recognize some of the names on the team;

Clemens (Clemo) McCoy (owned McCoy’s Auto Parts on Morton Street for years),
Ed and Erwin Poulter (kin to Tom and Fred Poulter old DHS classmates of ours),
Elvis Blankenship (we had several Blankenship’s in school with us),
R.H. Odle (I don’t know if this is the same person who became Judge Odle or not),
Bill Hempkins (father to Marie Hempkins our classmate, he ran Bill’s Hardware which was in the old bowling alley and skating rink building on Main St.),
Gorden Rutledge was the team manager, whose nephew is Bob Rutledge

Did you notice that only 18 players were on the team and one of the teams played was Corpus Christi.  

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